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Robert Findal

Robert Findal

Jakob Worre

Jakob Worre

The Swivl C1 Robot is a multi-purpose robotic motion platform and tracking system for your iOS and Android mobile devices. It provides smooth, highly adjustable pan and tilt motion and, using the included Remote Marker, will automatically follow you for self-captured video. This is useful for capturing yourself giving lectures, training sessions, conferences, or other presentations. The Robot can be used standalone, or as a component of a three-part capture and video sharing solution when used with the Swivl Capture App for iOS and Android and a free Swivl Cloud service.


The Swivl Robot includes a set of three adapter grips to hold mobile devices under 0.47" thick. The base provides 360° of pan and 25° of tilt. Movement can be controlled on an iOS or Android device via a Bluetooth connection and using the Swivl Capture App. You can also control the base using the Remote Marker, which uses IR technology to allow the base to track the remote's movement up to 30' away (line of slight).


Broad Compatibility

Use iOS or Android smartphones or tablets to capture video. Three interchangeable adapter shims hold mobile devices under 0.47" (12mm) thick.


Swivl Cloud

The Swivl Cloud is a private and secure video hosting service. It can be used as a stand-alone video hosting solution in conjunction with the Swivl Capture app to easily create multi-media video presentations, or as a complete system with the app and Swivl Robot for creating and sharing content such as lessons, lectures, and meetings.


Remote Marker

Control what gets captured with the marker, or turn your mobile device into a camera control center. IR technology allows the Swivl base to tack the motion of the Remote Marker. This lets you move freely as Swivl follows you with 360 ° pan and 25° tilt, as long as the remote marker maintains its line of sight with the Swivl base.


Wireless Audio

Capture high-quality digital audio through a lossless wireless connection on the Remote Marker to enhance the value of your content. A 3.5mm audio out on the Swivl base lets you send that audio to your mobile device or camera. For using lavalier and handheld microphones, the Remote Marker provides a 3.5mm audio input.


Producent: Swivl

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